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What's the idea? To start off the “nussreich” (literally translated as ‘nut-full’) project, a virtual forest is being created as an online collage – composed of individual pictures of walnut and chestnut trees.


Why a virtual forest?  Many of us are spending more time in nature at the moment and are rediscovering our surroundings through walks. But we can only do this alone or in small groups. It is also not clear how, and if, our planned project activities can take place at the end of the year. Therefore, we decided to simply start online and create a forest ourselves! In "real life” we will do this as soon as possible as well of course.

This is how it works


1.Go for a walk and take your mobile phone or camera with you

2. Search for walnut or chestnut trees

3. Take a picture (of the whole tree, the leaves, the trunk or the fruits, the roots - no matter of what exactly. As long as it is a part of a walnut or a chestnut tree)

4. Send an email to with the picture (by doing so you give us the rights to publish the photo), the approximate location of the tree, and your postal address (for a surprise later ... )

5. Watch the forest grow here through your submissions.

6. Let us surprise you :)


Not sure how to recognize walnuts or chestnuts? Check out the “cheat sheets”


- Cheat sheet walnut

- Cheat sheet sweet chestnut

* nussreich is a project imagined and implemented by einkorn e.V. It aims at creating hands-on learning experiences related to walnuts and chestnuts for people of all generations. This fall (2020) we will organize collective action events for collecting, cracking, sorting, and transforming walnuts and chestnuts in Germany. The project is financially supported by Deutsche Postcode Lotterie.

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